Photograph by Robert Legg

Tracy Barone spent her childhood in the suburbs of Washington DC and, as a younger child, in London, England – which may explain why she loves both her humor and martinis bone dry. With a sculptor mother, and an international attorney father, Tracy grew up in a mosh pit of art, politics and literature. By age two she was pretending to read, and she has been traversing the land of imagination ever since.

Tracy initially went to NYU to study acting, but quickly found that she preferred working behind the scenes. While studying English literature for her B.A., she spent most of her time writing plays that were performed Off-Off Broadway about wildly divergent subjects including generations of Vietnamese women and circus freaks. Simultaneously, her love affair with film and screenwriting was in deep bloom. After earning an MFA in dramatic writing, Tracy migrated to Los Angeles as a screenwriter and then made a U-turn into film development and production where she worked on movies that traversed the good, the bad and the ugly, many with ‘moving’ parts and a superhero (or two). She executive produced Wild, Wild, West, Rosewood, My Fellow Americans, and was instrumental in the acquisition and development of numerous films including Men in Black and Ali.

She hit pause on that career track to raise a daughter who is now in college, ruminate on interests from string theory to world religion, and explore her passions for horseback riding and cooking. One of Tracy’s greatest talents, as recognized by many friends, is that she can look into a seemingly empty cupboard and make a gourmet meal. Living outside of LA proper, in an area filled with horses and clear skies, she was able to hear, once again, her writing voice.

HAPPY FAMILY marks Tracy Barone’s return to her roots as a writer. She now lives in Hawaii and is working on her second novel.